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SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine
SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine

SPA Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine

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✔️ Hydro Facial Probe:  Uses vacuum negative pressure to deeply remove impurities, dirt, acne, blackheads, and grease, thereby providing the ultimate deep cleansing of the face.

✔️ Oxygen Sprayer:  Quick penetration for deep moisturization.  High-pressure oxygen combine with nutrient solution to regenerate the dermis, promote metabolism, and make the skin appear years younger.

✔️ Ultrasonic Import Probe:  High energy ultrasound penetrates 4-6 mm into the subcutaneous tissue, promoting micro circulation, cell renewal & repair, and helping skin nutrition be more fully absorbed.  The result is skin that is softer and more elastic.

✔️ Bio Photon Probe:  Biological currents stimulate cellular energy ATP, improving cell permeability for better improved absorption of nutrients and water, and expelling of waste and toxins. Improved synthesis of muscle fibers and stimulation of collagen reduce wrinkles and make the skin look and feel soft and smooth.

✔️ Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Probe:  High frequency ultrasonic vibrations actively deep clean, removing sebum and secretions, as well as impurities in the facial hair follicles.  Visibly tightens pores and smooths the skin.

✔️ Hot & Cold Hammer Repairing Probe:  Using the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, it effectively inhibits pain and swelling, and reduces skin sensitivity. Shrinks pores, tightens skin and reduces wrinkles.

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Hydro Dermabrasion is a new cutting-edge, facial skin treatment that cleanses, detoxifies, exfoliates, and extracts impurities while deeply hydrating the skin.

Hydro Dermabrasion is also an anti-aging skin treatment that helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone.

Using the latest skin healing technology, hydro dermabrasion combines the famous microdermabrasion with the natural healing powers of water and oxygen to revitalize the skin for a hydrated, healthy, and youthful glow. 


The use of water softens the outer layer of skin where all the impurities occur. The perfectly calibrated vacuum suction exfoliates the outer layer of the skin and extracts the dead skin cells, sebum, excess oil, blackheads, whiteheads, unclogs pores, and other skin impurities. 

By removing this dead skin cell barrier, new cell growth is stimulated and glowing youthful skin is revealed.

The vacuum suction increases blood circulation and triggers the skin's natural healing process which boosts collagen and elastin, leaving skin firm, fresh and radiant. 

It removes the top layer of dead, dull skin cells. Once this barrier is removed, skin care products can penetrate up to 20X deeper, maximizing the benefits of skincare.

Essentially reversing the effects of aging! 


That's All It takes to have your best skin ever!

After the first treatment, your skin will feel very soft and new. After 4 treatments the long-term benefits will be visually noticeable, with firmer, smoother, velvety skin. 

Mild acne scarring should be diminishing and sunspots may be less noticeable. You will notice a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads and will experience much fewer breakouts overall.

"I recently tried out the Theia 7 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Hydrogen Oxygen Facial Machine and I have to say, I'm blown away by the results. This machine has truly transformed my skin! The Hydro Dermabrasion feature gently exfoliates my skin, removing dead skin cells and impurities, leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. The Hydrogen Oxygen Facial feature infuses my skin with hydration, giving it a youthful, radiant glow. The Collagen Boost feature has helped to firm and tighten my skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles"

Name: Sarah Lee
Age: 28
Location: Los Angeles, Californi

✔️ Improves blood circulation

✔️ Promotes collagen production 

✔️ Removes dead skin blackheads and wrinkles

✔️ Shrinks pores

✔️ Fades dark circles around eyes

✔️ Eliminates redness and eye bags

✔️ Firming, lifting and skin tightening

✔️ Whitening

Revitalize your skin with our Spa Pro 6 in 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine, a cutting-edge skincare device designed for professional-grade treatments at home. This multifunctional machine features six advanced probes to address various skin concerns effectively.

Key Features:

  1. Ultrasonic Hydrodermabrasion: Gentle ultrasonic technology removes dead skin cells, impurities, and excess oil, leaving the skin clearer and fresher.

  2. Skin Scrubber: The skin scrubber thoroughly cleanses pores, supporting deep skin cleansing and minimizing acne and blackheads.

  3. Ion Infusion: Ion infusion allows for the deeper penetration of nourishing serums and creams, maximizing effectiveness.

  4. EMS & RF Technology: These technologies tighten and firm the skin, promote collagen production, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

  5. Ultrasound Function: Ultrasound frequencies support cell renewal and enhance the absorption of skincare products.

  6. LED Therapy: LED light therapy offers various color options to target specific skin concerns such as acne, aging, and pigmentation.

Why Choose the 6-in-1 Peneelily Ultrasonic Hydrodermabrasion Facial Machine?

  • Professional Skincare at Home: Enjoy the benefits of a professional facial treatment conveniently in the comfort of your own home.

  • Versatile Application: With six functions in one device, you can address various skincare needs with precision.

  • Effective and Safe Technologies: The combination of advanced technologies ensures safe and effective skincare without invasive measures.

Explore the boundless possibilities of skincare with the 6-in-1 Peneelily Ultrasonic Hydrodermabrasion Facial Machine and witness the transformation of your skin like never before. Treat your skin to the care it deserves!

✔️ Powered by LED (light emitting diode) technology.

✔️ Contains seven colored lights for targeted treatments

✔️Soothes and rejuvenates the complexion

✔️Reduces redness and stimulates circulation

✔️Treats hyperpigmentation, skin blemishes and sun damage

✔️Presented in magazines as one of the most important devices of the "future of beauty".

  • Voltage: 110V-220V
  • Power: 45w
  • Vacuum 0--65cmHg
  • Clean Tank Capacity: 300ml
  • Waste Tank Capacity: 600ml
  • 1 x Main machine
  • 1 x Hydro facial probe
  • 1 x Ultrasonic probe
  • 1 x Hot and cold hammer
  • 1 x Skin scrubber
  • 1 x Bio with photon probe
  • 1 x Oxygen sprayer
  • 1 x Power cord
  • 1 x Filter
  • 2 x Holder for Probes
  • 1 x Waste bottle
  • 2 x Clean bottle

We stand behind the quality of our products and are proud to offer a 3-year warranty on this particular product. Our warranty covers any manufacturing defects or issues that may arise during normal use of the product.

We understand that buying a product online can be a leap of faith, which is why we want to give our customers peace of mind. If any issues arise with your purchase within the first 3 years, we will do everything we can to make it right.

To activate your warranty, simply register your product within 30 days of purchase on our website. In the unlikely event that you need to make a warranty claim, our customer service team is always available to help you.

We believe that offering a 3-year warranty on our products is a testament to the quality of our craftsmanship and the care we put into each item we sell. We want our customers to feel confident and satisfied with their purchase and to know that they can trust us to stand behind our products.

Shop with confidence knowing that our 3-year warranty is our commitment to you and the quality of our product.

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Dive into the world of advanced skincare with our top-of-the-line hydrodermabrasion machine

Hydrodermabrasion Revolution

It employs an innovative combination of hydro and oxygen sprayers, harnessing vacuum negative pressure. This technology ensures ultra-fine bubbles saturated with nutrient solutions deeply penetrate and cleanse pores. This hydrodermabrasion device is your ultimate solution to stubborn acne, ensuring improved essence absorption and leaving you with a noticeably refined skin texture.



The vacuum effect eliminates blackheads and other debris to give you clear, glowing skin! 


Help loosens debris and clears up your pores. Professional dermatologist-level treatment without ever leaving the comfort of your own home!


Normal, rough, wrinkled, oily, dry, or sensitive, no matter what kind of skin you have you'll benefit from the Professional 6 In 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine.


Most blackhead removal techniques (tweezers, needles, and scrapers) can be painful and cause scarring. The Professional 6 In 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine quickly and painlessly removes blackheads from the root!


Cleaning your skin with negative pressure water circulation technology, remove blackheads, dead skin, and other impurities in the pores.


This great design features prevent the re-use of contaminated liquid, constantly cleaning your skin with fresh water or other liquid.


The Professional 6 In 1 Hydro Dermabrasion Machine brings you the holy-grail of skincare treatment machines that costs thousands of dollars at wholesalers, to the comfort of your home at a fraction of the cost. 

Typical hydro Dermabrasion treatments can often feel quite rough and uncomfortable on the skin, but adding in the infusion of water and oxygen at the same time means that the treatment feels smoother, and a lot more comfortable. 





This Hydra Oxygen Machine Is The Equipment Every Professional Esthetician Needs In Their Beauty Spa. It Includes 6 Different Probes, A Led Mask And Three Skin Solutions To Treat Several Skin Related Issues.

Hydra Microdermabrasion

Cleansing, removes blackheads, exfoliates, hydrates


increases product penetration, stimulates blood circulation, promotes metabolism

RF/ Radiofrequency

Face Lifting, Wrinkle Removal, Skin Tightening

Skin Scrubber 

Facial Skin Cleansing and nourishing

Cold Hammer

Shrinks Pores, soothing

Hydro Oxygen Spray

Deeply moisturizes the skin

Hydra Microdermabrasion

✓ Deep cleansing: Hydra-Microdermabrasion deep cleanses the skin by removing dead skin cells and impurities to reveal a cleaner, clearer and fresher complexion.
✓ Hydrates the skin: During the treatment, the skin is simultaneously hydrated to promote a balanced and healthy skin barrier.
✓ Reduces fine lines and wrinkles: Hydra microdermabrasion can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles by removing dead skin cells and impurities to improve the appearance of the skin.
✓ Even skin tone: The treatment can help achieve a more even skin tone by reducing discolouration, pigmentation spots and uneven skin tones.



It is equipped with 7 devices to treat different skin-related issues: beauty product sprayer, cold hammer, skin scrubber, RF (Radio frequency) handle and microdermabrasion handle, and LED mask (7 colors). Set the machine using the touch screen suit your needs.


This hydrafacial machine turns purified water into hydrogen oxygen water, which generates small H2 molecules on the surface of the skin,so that they can quickly penetrate the skin to achieve better results. Painless and suitable for all skin types.


This new facial machine is the equipment every professional esthetician needs in their beauty spas. Enjoy all the benefits of our 7 in 1 machine at beauty spas, salons, suites or at home.

Bio-Photon Synergy

Our Bio with Photon function is a game-changer. Emitting biological currents, it amplifies the skin's natural permeability. Experience a surge in muscle fiber synthesis, augmented collagen production, and significant wrinkle reduction. The result? Skin that's soft, firm, and emanates a youthful glow.

Skin Scrubber

Deeper cleansing: A skin scrubber removes dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and impurities from the pores to achieve a deeper clean than manual methods.

Pain-free and gentle: Unlike manual methods like squeezing pimples or blackheads, a skin scrubber is pain-free and gentle on the skin.

Ultrasonic Head

✓ Deeper penetration: Ultrasound waves penetrate deeper into the skin than manual methods, allowing for a deeper treatment.
✓ Stimulates collagen production: The use of ultrasound waves can stimulate collagen production in the skin, which can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Cold Hammer

✓ Soothes the skin: Applying a cold hammer to the skin can help soothe and cool the skin, reducing redness, swelling and inflammation.
✓ Helps absorption of skin care products: Using a cold hammer can help to better absorb skincare products as it can open pores and promote circulation.
✓ Rejuvenates and tightens the skin: Applying cold pressure to the skin can help to tighten and rejuvenate the skin, making it look smoother and firmer.

Hydro Oxygen Spray

✓ Moisturising: Hydro Oxygen Spray can help hydrate the skin to keep it soft and supple. It can also help to reduce dryness and flaking.
✓ Refreshing: The spray can also help to refresh and revitalise the skin. It can help improve a tired and dull skin appearance.
✓ Soothing: Hydro Oxygen Spray can help to calm the skin, especially if it is inflamed or red. It can also be used on sensitive skin.
✓ Anti-ageing: The spray can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also help to improve skin tone and smooth the overall appearance of the skin.



Suitable for all skin types, Highly nourishing and hydrating. It repairs and regenerates the skin and inhibits melanin making your skin look smoother and bright.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea extract


Soothing, strong cleansing power, moisturizing. Improves acne and rashes. Suitable for oily and sensitive skin. Ingredients: Salicylic acid, lactic acid, sodium lactate, allantoin, honey extract, aloe extract


Give your skin a vibrant youthful appearance. Cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing. Suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients: Lactic acid, yeast extract, green tea extract, algae extract

Upgrade Your Hydra Facial Experience with our Unique Serums for Smooth and Calming Results

These serums have unique effective ingredients to gives you smooth and calming effect to satisfy your clients with visible results. It can be used for all kinds of Hydra Facial Machine for skin care salon professionals or personal DIY beauty care individuals. 1 bottle can do an average of 10 treatments. Three bottles of Aqua Peeling solution can be used in combination.


✓ Deep Cleansing: Hydra Microdermabrasion deeply cleanses the skin by removing dead skin cells and impurities to achieve a cleaner, clearer, and fresher complexion.

✓ Hydration: During the treatment, the skin is simultaneously hydrated to promote a balanced and healthy skin barrier.

✓ Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Hydra Microdermabrasion can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by removing dead skin cells and impurities to improve the appearance of the skin.