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Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s
Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s
Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s
Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s
Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s
Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s
Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s
Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s
Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s
Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s
Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s
Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s
Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s
Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s
Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s
Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s
Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s


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Most innovative red light therapy product 2024

Theia Oversized XL Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat 2320 LED’s

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3 YEAR WARRANTY - Your confidence in the Theia Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat.

✔️ Red light & near-infrared light

✔️ Over 2320 pcs high-performance LEDs (UV-free).

✔️ Active spectrum: 850 nm + 660 nm + 850 nmt

✔️ Irradiance Data 120mw/(cm²/ 12 watts per square meter (W/m²)

The New Best Portable and Mobile Oversized XL Total Body Red Light Therapy Oversized Mat combines both 660nm and 850nm Red AND Infrared wavelengths with 2320 LED’s and 180 watts of power for fast, safe and effective all natural pain relief and weight loss.

Perfect for homes, single person offices, spas and salons the Portable Theia Red Light Therapy Mat is a budget friendly option for our customers who don’t have the space for our larger panel and as an entry into Red Light Therapy.

Simply roll up the mat up when not in use and store it away in the included protective pouch or take it with you when you travel or to another office.

The frequency with which you should use the Red Light Therapy Mat depends on your individual needs and goals. In general, it is recommended that you use the mat daily or every other day for 20-30 minutes. However, it is important to check with your doctor or therapist to make sure that using the mat is safe and appropriate for you. It may also be helpful to document your progress and results to determine if a higher or lower frequency of use is best for you.

Model Name: Red Light Therapy Pad
Dimensions: 61.8123.627.87 inches

LED Qty: 2320pcs 1w (850+660+850) LED chips
Wavelength: 660nm 850nm

Irradiance Data: 120mW/cm² @ surface
Max Loading Capacity: 661 pounds

Net weight: 19.73 pounds

Input Voltage: 100V~240V AC 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 160 Watts

Warranty: 1 year

Functions: Timer (1-30 minutes), Wavelengths Selection, Dimmable (1-100%), Pulsing (1-1000Hz)

1 x Main machine
1 x Power adapter
1 x User manual

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We're proud to offer you the Theia Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat - and to boost your confidence, we're offering an impressive 3-year warranty. With the Theia Mat, you're not only getting revolutionary technology, but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're covered by our warranty for the next three years. If any unforeseen problems should arise within this period, we will be there to help you solve them.

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Linda Brown, 34

"Absolutely thrilled with my Theia Red Light Therapy Mat! Living in sunny California, I thought I had seen it all when it comes to skincare solutions. But this mat has taken it to another level. My skin feels rejuvenated and my joint pain has significantly reduced. Highly recommend!"

Robert Williams, 48

"Living in Florida, the sun takes its toll on my skin. The Theia Red Light Therapy Mat has been a game-changer for me. Not only has it helped reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but it has also given my skin a youthful glow. I feel like I've turned back the clock!"

Emily Davis, 41

"I've struggled with arthritis for years, but the Theia Red Light Therapy Mat has provided me with much-needed relief. The soothing warmth and targeted light therapy have helped alleviate my joint pain, allowing me to live life more comfortably. Thank you, Theia!"

Benefits of Light Therapy for Athletes

study published in the journal Laser Therapy followed a group of university athletes and measured the time it took them to return to play (RTP) following a sports injury. Sixty-five of them used LED light therapy to help with their injuries. These subjects experienced a mean RTP time of 9.6 days, compared with the mean anticipated RTP of 19.23 days. The researchers concluded, “LED phototherapy significantly and safely reduced the RTP in dedicated university athletes over a wide range of injuries with no adverse events.”

Theia Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat: World's Best LED Technology with 2320 LEDs (660nm and 850nm)

Discover the world's leading Red Light Therapy product - our Theia Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat. With an impressive 2320 LEDs, including both 660nm and 850nm, it offers the best LED technology you can imagine. Get yours today and experience the benefits of advanced light therapy.

The world’s most advanced light therapy device

Discover the groundbreaking Theia Full Total Body Red Light Therapy Mat - an innovative technology that takes your well-being to a new level. With targeted 2320 LED's (660nm and 850nm), this therapy mat offers an effective solution to multiple health challenges.

Powerful LED Technology

Boasting 2320 LEDs in both 660nm and 850nm wavelengths, our therapy mat provides a potent and comprehensive red light treatment.

Full-Body Coverage

Target multiple areas simultaneously with our spacious design that ensures total body coverage for a holistic experience.


Red light therapy has been shown to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, promote collagen production, and reduce inflammation in the skin. It is also highly effective in treating chronic conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. 


Red light therapy is used by elite athletes worldwide for its ability to help with recovery. By promoting cell regeneration and increased blood flow, red light therapy can help reduce muscle soreness and stiffness, allowing you to feel more energized and less fatigued.


Red light therapy has been shown to help improve sleep quality by reducing stress and anxiety. By helping to calm the mind and relax the body, red light therapy can help you fall asleep more easily and stay asleep longer.


Red light therapy has been shown to increase circulation, which helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen more efficiently throughout the body. This can help improve energy levels, promote healing, and aid in weight loss efforts.


Red light therapy increases blood flow to injured tissues to speed up healing, reduce inflammation and relieve pain. The increased blood flow helps deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the injured area so it can repair itself faster than normal. 


Red light therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment for pain relief and inflammation reduction. This is due to its ability to promote the release of nitric oxide, a compound that helps to reduce inflammation.


Infrared increases the production of nitric oxide, a vital signalling molecule that is important for the health of blood vessels. This molecule helps relax the arteries and prevents blood from clotting and clumping in the vessels. Nitric oxide is essential in improving blood circulation, which provides more oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues.


The light energy your cells absorb makes them more active, which increases blood flow to the area. Increased blood flow can support cellular regrowth and regeneration, a combo that works to reduce inflammation and repair wounds or injuries so you can stay on track with your fitness goals.


Infrared light can trigger the growth and repair of new muscle cells and tissues. Are you looking to speed up healing after an injury? This could be the answer you have been looking for!

Joint Support

Find potential relief from joint discomfort as red light therapy may contribute to reducing inflammation and supporting joint health.


The red (660nm) and near-infrared  (850nm) spectrum are scientifically proven to excite the key enzyme Cytochrome (CCO) and the mitochondria of the cell.


Once Cytochrome is saturated with the 660nm and 850nm spectrum, the inhibitory Nitric Oxide is reduced and Oxygen is increased. This leaves place fro the Mitochondria to produce more Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is the energy the cells use.


The now oxygen-rich blood travels through the brain and body and reduces overall inflammation. Cellular functions are optimized which helps the optimal functioning of our biochemistry.

The number of applications of the Full-Body Red and Near-Infrared Light Therapy Mat required depends on the individual treatment. It is recommended to use the device for 20-30 minutes per application and repeat the application up to three times per week. Regular use can bring long-term results in pain relief, skin care and improvement of general well-being.

The time it takes to see results with the Full-Body Red and Near-Infrared Light Therapy Mat can vary depending on individual needs and symptoms. However, some individuals report pain relief, improvement in skin health and overall well-being after just a few uses. For long-term results, it is recommended to use the device regularly and to supplement other treatments as needed.

An extra effective spectrum of light

The wavelength of light is measured in nanometres (nm) and can differ in terms of factors such as its energy and penetration depth. Red light in the spectrum of around to 660 nanometres (nm) has proven to be particularly effective when applied to the skin. Adding near-infrared light (NIR) in the range of around 850 nanometres can be useful if you wish to benefit from additional systemic depth effects. As it can penetrate deeper, the effects of near-infrared light can also reach the fascia and muscles. In comparison to traditional infrared heat lamps, such as those used in infrared saunas or in treatments for colds, near-infrared light in the range of 850 nanometres does not generate any intense heat.

In the medical world, the positive effects that red light and near-infrared can have on cells and organisms are often referred to as red light therapy, photobiomodulation, photobiostimulation or low level light therapy (LLLT).

Light Therapy Delivers Healthy Light in Your Home

THEIA Treatments are Quick, Simple, and Non-Invasive: Light therapy is quick: Theia recommends 10-20 minutes per treatment area.It’s also super easy: all you have to do is sit or stand in front of the device and your body & cells take in the light. Redfy treatments are also completely non-invasive anddon’t include any ultra violet (UV) rays.


Red light therapy used to be limited to expensive salons and clinics but now thanks to high powered, energy efficient and affordable LEDs, all the benefits of red light therapy can now be achieved at home in just minutes a day. Much like we need nutrients from food and water, our bodies need light to function optimally as well.


Our light therapy devices use clinically proven wavelengths of red and near infrared light at 660 (red) and 850 (near infrared) nanometers in a 1:1 ratio for the perfect light therapy treatment. These wavelengths are ideal for skin health, increased blood flow, enhanced recovery, improved mental clarity, pain relief, sleep optimization and more!


The device comes with multi-function stand, heights adjustable rope and braided steel cables, you can either place it on any stable, flat surface and adjust the angle of the device, hook on door/wall, horizontal direction hang over the bed or put the device in a tent enjoy the whole body light therapy. It is a perfect solution for home use, enjoy your light anytime and anywhere.


When it comes to light therapy, irradiance is key. Through the use of extra powerful dual chip 5w medical LEDs. You can be sure you are getting an effective, efficient amount of light to your body when using the device.


Help Muscle Soreness, Reduces Pain and etc. Boost Energy, Better Sports Performance, Helps Build Muscle, Increases Strength. Helps Deeper Sleep, Reduces Anxiety and let you feel happy every day!


We also offer a 3 year warranty and friendly customer service. If any issues were to arise with the panel that were not a result of misuse, we will happily either replace the panel or repair it for you.

Warm Outside, Heating Inside

Our photon pad has 5 levels of adjustable brightness settings, and the brighter the light beads, the higher the temperature, and the more obvious the light therapy effect. It heats deep inside the muscle tissue with infrared light, helps speed up joint recovery, and alleviates pain. Great for sports injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, and tissue repair with the characteristics of warm outside, the heat inside, without any harm to the skin.



Red light therapy causes no pain. In fact, it is known to temporarily relieve pain as well as speed up healing time.


The fact that red light therapy involves no drugs or chemicals whatsoever is a huge plus. The typical risks and side effects that come with drug and chemical exposure are not an issue in red light therapy.


Often, people don’t find adequate relief or results from any one particular therapy, be it medication or a procedure or a lifestyle change. One particularly helpful feature of red light therapy is that it does not conflict or interact with most other treatments.


Red light therapy requires nothing invasive. The light is applied to the outside of the body. Sometimes, surgeries or other invasive procedures are unavoidable. But at least those using red light therapy don’t have to deal with invasive procedures to use it.


While some laser treatments are ablative, meaning they involve damaging tissue, red light therapy is non-ablative. This means that on average, has fewer risks and side effects. It is more gentle and safe and it requires zero downtime.


Red light therapy causes reactions on a cellular level that make your own body heal itself.

Support during massage and physiotherapy thanks to deeper effects

Nobody is claiming that red light treatment can turn back the clock – however, regular use can help us to age in a fitter and healthier way, and enhance our quality of life. As we age, we experience a steady decline in our blood flow, metabolism, ability to regenerate, the flexibility of our tissues and blood vessels, and cell division.

Almost all signs of ageing are linked to the decreasing activity rates of mitochondria. These “cellular power houses” form the molecule ATP, which supplies energy to our bodies. Red light and near-infrared reduce the signs of ageing particularly by activating mitochondria to produce ATP, increase blood flow and metabolic rates, and also optimise cell regeneration

Sport: Enhanced performance and quicker regeneration with red light

For the areas of sport and physiotherapy, red light is used in combination with near-infrared as these fields are looking to achieve both surface-level and deeper systemic results. Treatment can enhance performance, prevent muscle fatigue and accelerate regeneration. In particular, tissue, fascia and bone tissue benefit from the increased production of collagen.

Areas where red light and near-infrared can be used in sport and physiotherapy: 

• Pre-conditioning of muscles, bones, fascia and joints

• Enhanced performance thanks to improved blood flow and more ATP

 Quicker regeneration after sport thanks to the breakdown of lactic acid

• Support during massage and physiotherapy thanks to deeper effects

Red light therapy is generally generally considered to be very safe and there are no known side effects. However there are some considerations where you should avoid using red light or at least discuss it with your physician.

If you are sensitive to light, we recommend speaking to your doctor prior to using Rouge. If you are pregnant, have cancerous or potentially cancerous lesions, or if you are taking medication such as Tetracycline, Digoxin, Retin A, or any other photosensitizing drug, you should speak to your healthcare provider before using Rouge. You should not use Rouge on infants.


We recommend starting slow with shorter sessions at a greater distance. Be conservative on initial dosage when working on more sensitive areas. Adding up all the areas you will treat, do not exceed 120 joules of exposure per session, which is approximately 15-20 minutes of total exposure at close range.

These guidelines are valid for all Rouge red light therapy products.


Minimum of 3 times per week, ideally once daily. If more than once per day is required, sessions should be at least 6 hours apart.

Distance from light:

The closer you are, the shorter your session will be and you will cover a smaller surface area. If you stand further away, you will be able to cover a larger area but more time will be required. Remember that we need to give the treatment area a certain amount of energy, as we move away from the light the energy available to your body diminishes rapidly.

For skin issues: 

Skin requires 3 to 15 joules of red light (660nm) per session which you can achieve by following these guidelines:

6” (15 cm) from the light for 30 seconds to 2.5 minutes

12” (30 cm) from the light for 1 minute to 3.5 minutes

18” (45 cm) from the light for 1.5 minutes to 5 minutes

24” (60 cm) from the light for 2 minutes to 7 minutes

36” (90 cm) from the light for 3 minutes to 14 minutes

Note: If you are using red light for anti-aging or general skin health purposes, then you should stand between 12 and 36 inches from the light.

For more specific therapeutic or medical uses like treating wounds, scars, sores or other skin disorders or to stimulate hair growth then you should stand closer, between 6 and 12 inches for maximum effectiveness.

For deeper issues:

For treating deeper issues, like muscle, brain, bones, tendons, glands, fat, joints, fat, etc., we need between 10 and 40 joules of near infrared light (850nm). In this case we will always want to be close to the light. Here are guidelines to follow:

6” (15 cm) from the light for 2 minutes to 7 minutes

12” (30 cm) from the light for 5 minutes to 10 minutes

Red and red/infrared LED lights use ranges of wavelengths that penetrate the outer layer of the skin, providing the cells with usable energy. This brings about various reactions in the cells which are believed to have benefits. Learn More.

Red light is visible to the eye. We  use 660nm wavelength for all of our devices. It is a shorter wavelength, widely used in research and clinical settings. This wavelength is short which means it hits the surface of the skin and penetrates about 1-2mm below the skin's surface. Meanwhile, Near InfraRed (NIR) light is nearly invisible to the naked eye, and it penetrates deeper below the skin surface, 2 to 3mm. Rouge lights are always balanced with half our lights at 660nm and the other half at 850nm.