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Theia R3 Full Body LED Light Therapy Panel
Theia R3 Full Body LED Light Therapy Panel
Theia R3 Full Body LED Light Therapy Panel
Theia R3 Full Body LED Light Therapy Panel
Theia R3 Full Body LED Light Therapy Panel
Theia R3 Full Body LED Light Therapy Panel
Theia R3 Full Body LED Light Therapy Panel
Theia R3 Full Body LED Light Therapy Panel
Theia R3 Full Body LED Light Therapy Panel
Theia R3 Full Body LED Light Therapy Panel

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Theia R3 Full Body LED Light Therapy Panel

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Brand New 2023!

The brand new Theia Red Light Therapy Bed gives you an incredible 1000pcs (480pcs 660nm/ 520pcs 850nm) led chips diodes of red and NIR light.

3 YEAR WARRANTY - Your confidence in the Theia Red Light Therapy BED.

✔️ Red light & near-infrared light

✔️ Over 10560 pcs high-performance LEDs (UV-free).

✔️ Active spectrum: 633:850nm 2in1

✔️ LED Power: 1500W 

✔️ Dimensions: 34.37 * 32.40 * 75.79 inches

✔️ Lifespan: 150,000 hrs

Immediately ready for shipment. Delivery time approx. 14 days.



Step into the future of wellness with the Theia R3 LED Infrared Red Light Therapy Canopy. This innovative device harnesses the healing power of 660nm and 850nm infrared light to envelop your entire body in soothing rejuvenation. Experience the benefits of pain relief, muscle recovery, skin health, and overall well-being as you embrace the power of light for a revitalized you!

Key Features of the Theia R3:

  1. UK Lucite Acrylic Sheet: Crafted with the highest quality UK Lucite Acrylic Sheet, this canopy ensures up to 99% light transmittance, maximizing the effectiveness of your light therapy treatments.

  2. One-Button Electric Lift: Featuring a convenient one-button electric lift, this canopy makes it effortless to get in and out of bed, enhancing your overall comfort.

  3. Compact Vertical Folding: When not in use, the canopy folds vertically into a compact size, occupying only 9 square feet of space for easy storage.

  4. Optional 360° Angle Adjustment: Customize your experience with the adjustable canopy angle, allowing you to find the perfect position for your body.

  5. Easy-Move Universal Wheels: Maneuvering the canopy around your home is a breeze with the easy-move universal wheels, providing effortless mobility.

  6. Physical Touch Control Panel: The intuitive physical touch control panel allows for easy operation, letting you adjust settings to tailor your treatment to your specific needs.

  7. Four Active Machine Cooling Fans: Keep cool during your therapy sessions with the four active machine cooling fans, ensuring optimal comfort throughout your session.

Elevate your wellness routine with the Theia R3 LED Infrared Red Light Therapy Canopy and experience the transformative benefits of light therapy in the comfort of your own home.

LED Power: 1500W
Total LED Chips: 10560 pcs
Dimensions: 34.37 * 32.40 * 75.79 inches
Wavelength: 633:850nm 2in1
Best For: Full Body
Lifespan: 100,000 hrs

1 x Main machine
1 x Power adapter
1 x User manual

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We're proud to offer you the Theia Full Total Body Red Light Therapy BED - and to boost your confidence, we're offering an impressive 3-year warranty. With the Theia Bed, you're not only getting revolutionary technology, but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're covered by our warranty for the next three years. If any unforeseen problems should arise within this period, we will be there to help you solve them.

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Wooden crate: A robust and waterproof wooden construction ensures the safety of your product.


  • Red light (660 nm) and near-infrared (850 nm)
  • 10560 high-performance LEDs
  • Irradiance: 2inches:233.5mw/cm2
  • Light Types : Britisch Company Lucite


  • Silent Cooling
  • Cooling System: 4 cooling fans on the top, 1 cooling fan on the body
  • Internal Control: Three button control system
  • Optional 360° angel adjustment
  • Easy move universal whells
  • Phycical touch control panel
  • Active machine cooling fans


  • Red light (660 nm) and near-infrared (850 nm)
  • Irradiance: 2inches:233.5mw/cm2
  • Voltage: 110V/220V
  • UK Lucite® Acrylic Sheet, Up to 99% Light Transmittance
  • One button electric lift
  • Only 9 square feet when folded vitically


Compared to other red light therapy beds that can cost up to $140,000, the THEIA Red Light Bed offers exceptional value.

Ease of Use

Designed for user-friendly operation, this bed doesn't require any special electrical setup—just plug it into a standard 120V, 15A outlet.

Optimized Design

The top panel has 1,000 high-powered LEDs for effective treatment, while the bottom panel is designed for direct skin contact with even light distribution.

Wide Treatment Area

Both top and bottom panels cover a substantial area, offering comprehensive treatment.

Energy Efficiency

Despite its high performance, the bed is energy-efficient, operating on a standard electrical outlet.

Flexible Treatment Options:

Whether you're looking to boost collagen production, ease inflammation, or achieve other skincare goals, the THEIA Red Light Bed offers a range of treatment possibilities.

Powerful LED Technology

Boasting 1000pcs (480pcs 660nm/ 520pcs 850nm) led chips wavelengths, our therapy mat provides a potent and comprehensive red light treatment.

Full-Body Coverage

Target multiple areas simultaneously with our spacious design that ensures total body coverage for a holistic experience.

 Enhanced Circulation

Promote nutrient and oxygen delivery to cells, stimulating blood flow and microcirculation for accelerated healing and recovery.

Skin Rejuvenation

Potentially reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes with the rejuvenating power of red light for a more youthful complexion.

Muscle Recovery

Support muscle recovery and reduce inflammation post-workout or injury with targeted light therapy.

Joint Support

Find potential relief from joint discomfort as red light therapy may contribute to reducing inflammation and supporting joint health.

An extra effective spectrum of light

The wavelength of light is measured in nanometres (nm) and can differ in terms of factors such as its energy and penetration depth. Red light in the spectrum of around to 660 nanometres (nm) has proven to be particularly effective when applied to the skin. Adding near-infrared light (NIR) in the range of around 850 nanometres can be useful if you wish to benefit from additional systemic depth effects. As it can penetrate deeper, the effects of near-infrared light can also reach the fascia and muscles. In comparison to traditional infrared heat lamps, such as those used in infrared saunas or in treatments for colds, near-infrared light in the range of 850 nanometres does not generate any intense heat.

In the medical world, the positive effects that red light and near-infrared can have on cells and organisms are often referred to as red light therapy, photobiomodulation, photobiostimulation or low level light therapy (LLLT).

Skin care: Improved complexion and “younger looking” skin with red light

Cosmetic experts and dermatologists have already been using red light for a number of years to reduce the causes of skin ageing in a natural way and improve the complexion (“beauty light”). This type of light has a regenerative effect on the skin and increases natural collagen production, elastin synthesis and metabolism within skin cells, which can reduce wrinkles and improve the complexion as a whole.

Unwanted spots of pigmentation and skin discolouration can be reduced as red light is able to regulate melanin production, thereby promoting the brightening of hyperpigmented skin. In contrast, areas of skin

Quality of life: Restorative sleep and more energy for day-to-day life

Fatigue, exhaustion, lack of motivation and weight gain are typical symptoms of the winter blues. When the days are shorter, red light and near-infrared can generate energy and activate the body to counteract the effects of winter fatigue and a lack of motivation. 

For sleep disorders, red and near-infrared light can help to improve your quality of sleep. When exposed to light, our bodies create the “happiness hormone” serotonin and then create the “sleep hormone” melatonin when it is dark, which regulates our sleep-wake cycles. In particular, exposure to blue light from smartphones and screens in the evening can have a negative impact on our quality of sleep as this can impair the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Red light can help to regulate the body’s natural chrono-biological functions and melatonin production to improve our sleep. After a restorative sleep, we are more productive and have more energy for the day ahead. If you are suffering from jetlag, light can also help to get your natural biorhythm back on track, so that you feel fit and ready for action again.

Support during massage and physiotherapy thanks to deeper effects

Nobody is claiming that red light treatment can turn back the clock – however, regular use can help us to age in a fitter and healthier way, and enhance our quality of life. As we age, we experience a steady decline in our blood flow, metabolism, ability to regenerate, the flexibility of our tissues and blood vessels, and cell division.

Almost all signs of ageing are linked to the decreasing activity rates of mitochondria. These “cellular power houses” form the molecule ATP, which supplies energy to our bodies. Red light and near-infrared reduce the signs of ageing particularly by activating mitochondria to produce ATP, increase blood flow and metabolic rates, and also optimise cell regeneration

Sport: Enhanced performance and quicker regeneration with red light

For the areas of sport and physiotherapy, red light is used in combination with near-infrared as these fields are looking to achieve both surface-level and deeper systemic results. Treatment can enhance performance, prevent muscle fatigue and accelerate regeneration. In particular, tissue, fascia and bone tissue benefit from the increased production of collagen.

Areas where red light and near-infrared can be used in sport and physiotherapy: 

• Pre-conditioning of muscles, bones, fascia and joints

• Enhanced performance thanks to improved blood flow and more ATP

 Quicker regeneration after sport thanks to the breakdown of lactic acid

• Support during massage and physiotherapy thanks to deeper effects


Theia Pro Red Light & NIR Portable Therapy Bed

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Experience the future of wellness and rejuvenation with Theia's Red Light Therapy Bed. Harnessing the power of advanced 660nm and 850nm red light wavelengths, this bed offers a holistic approach to health and radiant skin.

Key Features:

✅ Dual Wavelengths: Our Red Light Therapy Bed combines the benefits of both 660nm and 850nm red light, offering a comprehensive solution for a wide range of wellness goals.

✅ Full-Body Rejuvenation: Enjoy full-body red light therapy, ensuring that every inch of your skin receives the revitalizing benefits.

✅ Proven Results: Red light therapy has been shown to improve skin health, boost collagen production, reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and promote overall well-being.

✅ Customized Sessions: Tailor your therapy sessions to your specific needs with adjustable time settings and intensity controls.

✅ Ergonomic Design: Theia's Red Light Therapy Bed is designed for comfort, ensuring a relaxing experience during each session.

Unlock the potential for healthier, more vibrant skin and overall well-being with Theia's Red Light Therapy Bed. Embrace the future of wellness and rejuvenation. Order yours today and experience the transformation firsthand."




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