Improve the look of your skin in just 5 minutes a day: Theia's 4-in-1 skin care tool

Are you looking for an effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, blemishes, and dark spots? The Theia 4-in-1 Skin Care Tool is the perfect solution for you.

This award-winning skin care tool combines four powerful skin care technologies for the ultimate at-home spa facial. With LED red light technology, vibration, microcurrents, and heating, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, blemishes, and dark spots in just 5 minutes a day, three times a week.

The skin care tool is portable and rechargeable (lasts up to 12 sessions per charge) and convenient to take with you, so you can take it anywhere. It also comes with a charging cable.

Overall, the Theia 4-in-1 Skin Care Tool offers a convenient and effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, blemishes, and dark spots. Give it a try and watch as your skin's appearance improves in just a few short weeks.


What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy uses low wavelength red light to improve skin’s appearance, and is proven to reduce wrinkles, scars, redness and acne.

“Red light therapy is thought to work by acting on the ‘power plant’ in your body’s cells called mitochondria,” an article published by the Cleveland Clinic reads. “With more energy, other cells can do their work more efficiently, such as repairing skin, boosting new cell growth and enhancing skin rejuvenation. More specifically, certain cells absorb light wavelengths and are stimulated to work.



What is a microcurrent facial?

A microcurrent facial uses low-voltage electricity to stimulate your facial muscles, or in other words, give them a workout. The result is your facial muscles looking more defined. However, microcurrent facials can also increase collagen and ATP production.

Many people consider microcurrent facials a more natural alternative to Botox, but like a new exercise routine, you have to be consistent and do it at least a few times a week.

The Theia 4-in-1 Skin Care Tool offers a very low-voltage microcurrent that’s safe enough to use at home every day. It’s not as strong as your facialist’s tools, but it still packs a punch.


What is facial massage?

A face massage is actually more enjoyable and relaxing than you’d think. But the real point of it is to depuff and give you a more sculpted appearance.

“With the right technique, a facial massage may improve lymphatic drainage, aka ‘depuff’ the skin,” Dr. Vanessa D, board-certified dermatologist and founder of DermWellesley in Massachusetts, told HuffPost. “Massage, in general, can also help to improve circulation and stimulate blood flow and may lead to a temporary more volumized and ‘glowy’ appearance.”

Like a microcurrent facial, the results are temporary, though. You’ll need to massage daily for lasting results.


What is a therapeutic warmth?

Heat can help open up your pores, hence why many facialists use hot towels and steam on your face. In turn, your skin can better absorb the products you’re using (like serums and moisturizers). However, heat can also increase blood flow to your skin, making your face look a bit more glowy.

All that said, these four therapies work together in the Theia 4-in-1 Skin Care Tool to improve your skin with consistent use. You can start using the wand for 5 minutes every one to two days and work your way up to 30 minutes per day if you really want.


To use a Theia 4-in-1 Skin Care Tool, start with a clean, dry face. Then, spread a thick layer of serum on as if you were applying a face mask. (You can also use a facial mist.) Then, gently stroke the wand against your skin, across your face in an upward and outward motion. The SolaWave wand turns on when you place the head against hydrated skin and turns off when you remove it. It’s super easy to use, although you do have to charge it every so often.

You can use the Theia 4-in-1 Skin Care Tool on your cheeks, under-eye area, jaw, neck, upper lip and forehead. I like to use it all over with Theia 4-in-1 Skin Care Tool SERUM. After using it, I think my skin looks immediately tighter and has a nice glow to it. After a week of using it, I’ll say that my pores looked smaller and my expression lines were a little less deep. However, I think the biggest benefit I’ve experienced is depuffing. After a sleepless night or a day of eating fried foods, my face can look a little puffy, and Theia 4-in-1 Skin Care Tool can help bring it down. Not to mention, using it is pretty soothing. Again, it’s like a massage for your face.


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