Unlock Radiant Skin with the How To Glow 3 Color LED Light Therapy Mask

Experience the Transformative Power of LED Light Therapy for a Glowing Complexion

I'm especially excited about this...I love my little face lights.

I love the LED light treatments, and this makes it so simple to do it at home - while also working, watching TV, or playing with True.

I like the amber setting because it helpspenetrate the serums and oils into yourskin.


Get even and glowy with balancing yellow light.
- Reduces redness and pigmentation.
- Kickstarts new skin cell production.
- Boosts lymphatic flow to blast toxins away.


Beam breakouts away with anti-acnebluelight.
- Treats spots at the source.
- Reduces oil and bacteria.
- Clears blemishes and scars.

Helps Treat Inflammation

Wake up your collagen and elastin with anti-ageingredlight.
- Gives you skin that bounces - back.
- Firms and smoothes things out.
- Fine lines? Faded. Inflammation? Calmed.


After years of avoiding the sun's UV rays in the service of healthy skin, it can feel counter-intuitive to treat your face with light purposefully. But facialists, dermatologists, beauty editors, and the American Academy of Dermatology agree: LED light treatments are safe and effective treatments for your complexion, since they don't use UV rays. In fact, LED light therapy masks are beloved by celebrities with some of the best skin around, including Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Alba, and Kate Hudson.